“Business decision makers LOVE online video because it gives them the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time.” – Robert Weiss

Royce Isom Media is a veteran-owned video production service provider
. I specialize in video content for corporate and commercial clients to increase engagement and brand awareness. I will work with you each stage of the video production process, from
Pre-production: writing the script, storyboarding, location scouting
Production: Shooting, set design to
Post-production: editing, color grading, mixing, uploading the final product

What’s the process?

First we gather more information to better understand what success looks like for your project. Once we have a solid Idea I will:
◆ Provide you with a formal quote, with dates, locations, and pricing. 

◆ Plan and/or provide any scripting or pre-production need.
◆ Arrive at your location to capture the video.
◆ Provide drafts, so that your team has the ability to request changes to the video instantly online.
◆ Finalize and deliver the final video.

About me

I discovered my passion for video production after purchasing my first camera (Canon PowerShot s100) while stationed overseas to document my travels to Japan, England, France, South Korea, & the Netherlands. After finishing my enlistment in the AirForce I graduated from Towson University’s Film program. Choose Royce Isom Media when you need the perfect balance of creativity and professionalism.
I look forward to learning about your project, send an email to royce@royceisommedia.com to get started.

Phone: 410-575-3338

Email: royce@royceisommedia.com